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So, I don't know how I feel about this . . .

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WILLIAM SHATNER to return for new STAR TREK movie? reports that Captain Kirk might be returning to the bridge of the Enterprise for the next "Star Trek" film. Not only that - he'll be joined by Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard and Scott Bakula's Johnathan Archer, of "The Next Generation" and "Enterprise", respectively.

The site claims that the idea to set the next "Trek" movie as a prequel, with the action centering on the students of the Starfleet Academy, has been trashed. Instead, they're considering doing a sequel that will be set in the "Mirror" Universe - which we've seen in both "Star Trek" and "Enterprise" before - which will make it possible for several of the 'captains' to team up. (After all, there's no rules/no continuity restrictions in the 'Mirror' universe).

"Apparently Shatner was in talks to do a guest role on Enterprise, but it didn’t work out. Why? Apparently he wanted a) more money b) would rather do Trek films. Solution? The ideas for the episode of the “Enterprise” episode he was going to do will now be incorporated into a movie. Yep, Captain kirk’s back", says the site. "It’ll be Shatner, Captain Picard and maybe Archer".

Maggie, get me my elephant gun. 

Don't trust any Shatner-originated rumors these days.  He's having a great time goofing around.

Star Trek: The Academy Years?

Part of this reads like Star Trek fan fiction and I kind of lost interest halfway through the article. Still . . .

Is this old chestnut back again?  You can color me amazed if this sees the light of day.


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