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So unlimited, cheap power comes to Europe sometime mid-century, which should be about the time the US reverts to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, like we currently have in Kentucky.  

Alternatively, this could also be the first step towards blowing up the moon and plunging Earth into chaos in 2015... Even though they say it's safe if it fucks up, we know they're lying.  The Coal Council told me so when they came to my house yesterday with that nice team of well-armed young men.  "Are you using a coal furnace sir?  You should!"
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Just what we need in the U.S. -- a potential hydrogen bomb in every state. As if fission reactors weren't unpredictable enough.

By the way, you really should leave the Coal Belt. Breathing those sulfurous fumes can't be good for your health.
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you know, star, you don't have to quote everything...especially if you're the second poster in a thread.  cheers!


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