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So, my Stupid ME computer won't let me watch the trailer. If anybody finds a .WMV of it, let me know.

I'm hoping for the best with X3, but I really think they should have waited for Singer (who would have come back. He simply couldn't do two movies at once.) just to give it that roundness.

I thought X-Men was good and X2 was even better, so my expectations are pretty high.

hey, Red Dragon was good.  Ratner made a better Hannibal movie than Ridley Scott did.

and if anyone can point me at any evidence that something "looks like" a Bryan Singer movie, let me know.  I'm not saying I hate the guy, I like his movies, but he's not one of those "Oh, yeah, that's definitely his work" directors.  all this movie needs is a good script like the other two.  all the main elements are in place.


--- Quote from: Cassander on December 06, 2005, 05:40:55 PM ---hey, Red Dragon was good.  Ratner made a better Hannibal movie than Ridley Scott did.

--- End quote ---

Red Dragon was also good the first time around . . . when it was Manhunter. I thought Michael Mann made a better movie, Brian Cox was a fine Lecter, and Tom Noonan was scarier than Ralph Fiennes, and I'm a huge friggin' Fiennes fan.

Ratner is a bastion of mediocraty. He doesn't suck, he's just bland. He "picks" projects where the star power overshadows the director. Producers love him though, so he must do something right. (Read: Does bang up box office..)

Internet buzz is ripping X3 and Brett Ratner a new asshole, but I think these one-sheets look pretty cool. Of course, I'm in the minority.


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