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Trailer for the new X-Men movie, rushed through production to sooner be a flop near you.

Bryan Singer signed on to do Superman Returns, so rather than wait, Fox signs Brett Ratner, (Rush Hour, Red Dragon) to bring his mediocraty to Wolverine and the gang. Halle Berry's bland Storm is given a beefed up role because she wouldn't come back otherwise. Worse news of all is that they started shooting without a completed script. Always a bad sign.

Oh no!

And the first 2 films were so good!

I'm hoping it will be visually cool enough that I can ignore the faults of the atrocious directing and writing.

I mean, hey, it worked so well for Underworld, right? Fucking sweet-ass movie that was.

I really annoyed with stupid film makers.

X-Men was ace, X-Men 2 was just as ace.... Maybe they'll pull it out of the bag for X-Men 3. I hope.

Bryan Singer has has turned his talents to other films. First: re-creating and perfecting the Superman franchise.

Then Logan's Run, so Nacho can sate his sci-fi craving.

Now Singer's talking shit about doing a Star Trek movie, which would be fucking AWESOME. Finally Trek that doesn't suck! Who would've thought. But that's all the Trekweb bitches, and those poor saps don't get laid, ever, so their opinion is suspect.

I just watched the teaser again. Beast looks awesome. I like Kelsey Grammar, my white inclinations towards "Frasier" notwithstanding. Also, there was a nice Famke Jenssen ass shot in those little, little work-out shorts. Mmmm. Nice.


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