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Half an inch of panic

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You lucky bastards.  It rarely if ever snows down here.

Of course, the benefit to that is .4 inches of snow shuts the entire city down and we get to miss a day of work.

And do soccer moms battle it out at the grocery store buying bread (perishable) milk (perishable) and toilet paper (non-consumable) in preparation for being snowed in for weeks on end?

Charles was south of DC, now we'll go north:

--- Quote ---Frederick County Public Schools, closing one hour early; after-school and evening activities canceled.
--- End quote ---

Snow has yet to show up, though...

Sunny and  minus 31 here this morning. Bikini season is just aboot over.

American wusses.

Stopping things for a little snow.

Take heed from Ireland and Scotland. Snow is fun, BUT IT MUST NOT STOP EFFICIENCY!


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