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I've officially been in pre-production on my next film project for the past six weeks. However, there have been some milestones recently that bear bringing some light on the project. I finsihed the first draft of the feature length script last week, which allows me and my production team to start some basic work.

Women's Studies is the story of a pregnant grad student and her friends are held captive in a women’s academy that’s actually a cult of psychotic feminists bent on enslaving and/or murdering men. These cult-feminists indoctrinate college age girls under their dogma then send them out into the world to take high powered jobs from men, run for public office, and take away men’s social power. They’re also ordered to seduce men with high intelligence or stamina in order to create a “pure Goddess race.” After said seduction, the men are murdered. Women who resist them are also murdered. The pregnant grad student, after refusing to join their sect, must try to escape from the academy.

I've jokingly refered to it as "Attack of the Killer Feminists."

We've got a teaser website up:

Over the next few months we'll be prepping materials in order to seek out investors. It should be an interesting time, and hopefully worthwhile.

So, if you happen to know any rich people who have always wanted to finance a film . . .

Sounds great!

Some updates on the Women's Studies website in preparation for the big screening/fundraiser on Thursday.

Good work there, RC.  Everyone needs to become a Lady Killer!  We can group together and drink on the set and cause trouble.  20 bucks is the min amount, so it's not like it's painful.  I'll spend 20 bucks Friday for lunch.  God, I hate working at Union Station.


Gah! No time to breathe. And once this week is over, my life will be filled with crickets and drunken lunches with Nacho.

So, since I'm not ass tired from set building, I can say it with more gusto:

The Women's Studies website has finally gone live! It's just a basic set-up at this point because we have the big Baltimore screening for which I sent out an invite to every lawyer and plastic surgeon(!) in the city. If any potential investors show up, they'll be able to head to the site afterwards and have basic information at their fingertips.

The poster is ready, but it's not on the site yet, er, because.

Still, to me the website launch is a milestone, because it means we've finally solidified our business structure to the point where we feel comfortable going public with our efforts to raise budget, hire crew and cast, and for all intents and purposes get the production rolling.

I've got a couple other possible surprises brewing, but "negotiations are still on-going." (I never thought I'd be one of those assholes who said shit like that. If I become a jaded, cynical, elitist dickhead who thinks being out of touch is a good thing, you have permission to hunt me down and blow my head off with a rocket launcher.)

Anyway, stay tuned. It's going to be an interesting summer.


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