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Tyson and Queenie, (and anybody else in So Cal) here's the dates and times of my film's screening outin Temecula, CA. By the way, Temecula is about 60 miles from San Diego and about 90 from L.A.

The screening schedule for First Session at the TVIFF:

6m, Thurs, 9/15
8pm, Fri, 9/16
5pm, Sun, 9/18

A complete list of the films can be seen here:

Just got back from the West Chester Film Festival late last night. Didn't win anything, but saw some great short films and had a blast.

People seemed to respond well to First Session, and I got quite a few compliments. Again, teh audiences seemed to react in teh right way in all teh right places.

The only down side is that we got the late nights slots probably because of the nature of the film's material. I noticed we were grouped with other films whose content was "R Rated."

Still, good fun, and a nice rebound from the confusion of my last festival.

Hey folks, if you've had the chance to see First Session, go to the IMDb page for it and give 'er a vote. Every little bit helps.

If you haven't seen it and want to, PM Nacho.


The more votes the film gets (good or bad) the better my IMDb rating, so again, if you've seen it, please drop by and vote.


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