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Three Beers Later…

The biggest problem I have with updating Greatsociety is that I’m functionally illiterate. I wasn’t always this way, but I think college did something to the parts of my brain dedicated to all of the civilized niceties – like learning from my mistakes and comprehending basic thoughts. Take today’s post, where I suffered from a […]


I have a recurring nightmare that does not involve getting a colonoscopy.  If it did, it would make much more sense.  Instead, my nightmare is a very basic, very unsurprising anxiety dream.  So mundane, in fact, that I hesitate to call it a nightmare.  It doesn’t wake me up, it doesn’t leave me unsettled.  It’s […]


In an attempt to fill the dead time between, you know, 9:30am and 6pm, I was reading deep into the news because, once you get past Obama, Iran, and whatever else has hit the fan, you can really ferret out some good shit. Man dies trying to save 1999 Dodge pickup, for example. Or the […]