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Port Baltimore and Beyond

Of the five authors who launched ten years ago, I was probably alone in trying to develop a mission statement, or a theme of some sort. My goal was to create a site where we could practice writing. Something that was less freeform ranting and more generally organized towards…some sort of goal. After the […]

The 10th Anniversary Guide

April 15th, 2001. That’s when I put together with my friend in Baltimore, who wrote under the name “Leff.” Leff had a goal that was fairly cutting edge ten years ago – he wanted to create a content management system that was easy to use and would pave the way for idiot bloggers. There […]

Ten Years of Great Society

Taking Greatsociety too seriously. Taking “Nacho Sasha” too seriously. It’s a trap that’s caught many people over the last decade. Since April of 2001, this page has seen a steady stream of internet drama. People desperate for community, understanding, or just some sort of emotional purge have stopped by and shit all over the place. […]


My old college buddy James showed up with a grocery bag full of those little travel bottles of vodka. I was on a forced writing holiday – five days away from my thankless, low-paying day job to focus on the Greatsociety book I was foolishly going to flog for the tenth anniversary. I’d spent four […]