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Apocalypse Fiction Catalog

We’ve got Quiet Earth giving us more coverage than we ever wanted on the genre for film and TV, but I think we’re lacking a site that keeps us updated about apocalypse stories in print.  There are lists out there, untouched for years, and the Wikipedia list, which is pretty good.  But no sort of […]

The Latest Book

Oh my god!  I think my brain is dead.  But I did it – our latest book hit the printer on Friday morning, and now I just have to sit back, drink vodka, and wait for the proofs…

The Fall

I’ve been stealthily avoiding all of the talk about how the publishing industry is dying because, really, are we surprised?

Overstock Fees

Oh god, overstock fees on this book will start October 1st, and they’re going to kill me.  So here’s your big chance.  Do you want a copy for $2.50, shipping included?  No problem.  Paypal to  Or get something off my Wishlist and I’ll send you a copy along with some other goodies I have […]

Book Money

Ah, money.  Money’s always a problem.  But if I had the money, there are tons of things I would do differently with the books I publish.


Here’s an idea:  Bookstores and festivals should pay the author for events.  I mean, this is a business, right?  The author is a commodity that equals attendance/sales, right?  So what’s with this attitude that the publisher (or, in many cases, the author) cover travel and lodging? This especially gets on my tits when the author […]

Wait! People are paying attention to me?

I recently badmouthed Galleycat, because enough with the lolcats thing, okay?  And that goes for everybody. I just hate the internet.  I want to go back to making Xerox chapbooks and selling them at the groovy record store.  I want a world without Google Chat.  I want personal correspondence to be measured in days, not […]