Overstock Fees

Oh god, overstock fees on this book will start October 1st, and they’re going to kill me.  So here’s your big chance.  Do you want a copy for $2.50, shipping included?  No problem.  Paypal to janus_808@hotmail.com.  Or get something off my Wishlist and I’ll send you a copy along with some other goodies I have lying around in exchange.  All illegally through my office mail.  Yay!

A hint on the overlong Wishlist — my next planned purchase is book two of the Prince of Nothing series.  That’s currently on page two.  Also, I’m always on the edge of compulsive Dr. Who DVD purchases.  Just let me know your addy on the enclosed note and you’ll get some or all of the following goodies (depending on whether or not I can drunkenly find them when I get home from work):

1) A copy of the above book

2) This one. (Also in overstock limbo.)

3) Weird knick knacks from my home/office/weekend job

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