This post is about the fucking Sandy Hook bullshit, and all those kids who died. Stop now if you’ve had enough of that fucking shit. Because I have.

I didn’t care about the whole shooting thing in Newtown. So what? 20 kindergartners get wasted. Fuck Humanity. Fuck everything we are. We are evil. We deserve Sandy Hook. We deserve the Nazis. We deserve every bad thing that has happened to us.

As a child, I knew this. I mocked Christa McAuliffe when she exploded somewhere over the Gulf. What color were her eyes? Blue. One blew left, one blew right.

I mocked Columbine the day it happened. In high school, I wore a black trenchcoat. I even started a religion. I even advocated a violent end to all things.

I mocked the Batman shootings. So what? Fuck you stupid cunts crying about that shit. So what? I’d love to open up on all of you. I’d love to exterminate most of you reading this.

I mocked the VA Tech shootings. College is hard. I understand the cathartic release of mass murder and, maybe, I applaud it. God bless you, killer of Men. Jesus…I mocked 9/11 before the body’s were cold.

Today, my apocalyptic attitude changed. I was sitting in a bar, working on a writing project, and the news very slowly played a series of pictures. The victims of Sandy Hook. The 6-year-old victims of Sandy Hook, and the smiling photos of their teachers and administrators. Never in my life have I seen such innocence paraded before me. High school students, fuckshits at a movie premiere, horrible 20-somethings at college, people whose family made millions from their deaths, and the fucking suits in the Twin Towers. Fuck you. You long ago betrayed Humanity and freedom in exchange for the almighty dollar.

But these kids at Sandy Hook. The images flashed on the screen and I saw not the evils of Humanity, not the potential for evil, not the dark soul in all of us. I saw beautiful children who are now dead because some fucking cunt blew them away. Kill the 15 year old. Kill the 30 year old. Kill the happy couple in the front row. Kill the President. Kill fucking me. But you do not — You. Do. Not. — kill these children.

This is Nacho Sasha talking. Let’s start there. I want you to die. You, right now, reading this. I’m shattered that today is not the apocalypse. I’m hollowed out and moved to physical nausea by the fact that December 21st was not some sort of Ignoramus Apocalypse. I pray for your death. Even you, the women I love, the friends I hold to my heart, the men and women who are single-handedly responsible for me being here today. You know your names. You know who are. I live for you because you lived for me.

But, even you, I wish for the end. I wish to be alone. I wish you will all just fucking go away.

Hatred. For love, for friendship, for Humanity. All things my mother told me were weaknesses. She told me to take no lovers. No friends. She told me I was my father’s son, and I would destroy the soul of any one who spoke to me.

My mother was a horrible, evil cunt. So was my dad. So is everyone on both sides of my hideous, fucking family.

Yet, I am alive today. I am a misanthrope. I hate the Human race. I hate the armchair liberals. I hate it all. And I don’t care. But then, one by one, I see these pictures of children from Sandy Hook. And what hits me? The first thing?

It’s your fault. You, and you, and you. Everybody reading this and agreeing with me at 610 words. You did this. You killed those kids. Not some fucking psycho. You. You right now reading my words. You murdered those children. Maybe you didn’t pull the trigger, maybe you can’t even find Newtown on a map. But you did it. You fucking armchair liberals who did nothing but whinge these last 20 years. Jesus motherfucking Christ, the Republicans were better at gun control in 1981 than you ever will be.

This is a sick society. Not because of the tea party. Not because of the horrific lack of education. Not because of the Confederacy. Not because of the locale, the attitudes, or God, or Darwin.

This is a sick society that murders children because of you, the liberal. Because of you, the supposedly outraged. Because of you, the disgusted masses horrified by Sandy Hook. You did this. Every one of you posting on Facebook about controlling guns. Every one of you posting your outrage on the social network. This is your fault.

You passive, do-nothing motherfuckers might as well as pulled the trigger. For every “Let’s ban people from ordering mega machine guns from Yahoo” I see, I think, you stupid cunt. If only you had stood up. If only you had fought. If only you had invested, like, an ounce. A second. A breath. This wouldn’t have happened.

I don’t blame bin Laden for 9/11. I don’t blame the Trenchcoat Mafia for Columbine. I don’t blame what’s-his-fucking-cunting-name for Sandy Hook.

I blame you. You, reading this. You did this. You murdered those beautiful children. Because you didn’t stand up. And, even in you do now, it doesn’t matter. It’s too late. You know this. You allowed this.

You, my dear fucking readers, murdered 6-year-olds. Simply because you’re cogs in the wheel. What can you do? How can you stop these things?

Oh, you stupid fucks, you can rise up. This whole fucking nation — and we’ll not worry about the lessons learned in 1864 — is about the ability to rise up. Fucking Hitler modeled the Third Reich after the American dream. Did you know that? A land constantly refreshed by revolution. Hitler anticipated and supported the people of Europe ultimately throwing off the yoke of Nazism in favor of a singular, glorious future. Adolf Mother-raping Hitler understood America better than you do, you goddamned cunts.

And so did Thomas Jefferson.

“I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

That tyranny is not just George III. It is not communism. It is not ignorance. It is not our petty needs. That tyranny is your inaction. You, Mr and Mrs and Miss well-to-do internet fucks. Because you’ve heard this quote as well, yes?

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.

Good men and women like you, reading this. What have you done? I know a guy whose church builds houses for Katrina victims. Oh, Katrina?, you say. Yes. Half a decade later and America continues to ignore the plight of half a million Americans. I’m not even talking about Rwanda, or Darfur, or China. I’m talking about men and women and children 500 miles from your doorstep whom you ignored and continue to ignore.

Oh, but, well, most of them were black. So that’s okay then, right, my liberal friends?

You have killed us all. My inactive liberal friends. You have made this world. Not Heston. Not the NRA. Not the Tea Party. Not the Republicans. We need them. They are the enemy. God bless them. The true culprits in the death of the children at Sandy Hook, and everywhere else, and at the Twin Towers, are the so-called liberal elite who failed to rise up.

You condo-dwelling fucks need to fight, fight, against the dying of the light. I feel so alone out here and, yet, it’s easy. You won’t lose your job. Nobody’s paying attention to you. You are a nobody. You don’t matter for shit. That’s the liberal problem. We’ve been trained to think we are snowflakes but, in truth, we are nothing. We are a whisper of a larger voice — a shout, a scream — against the dying of the light.

Hear us roar. This is the Great Society. Join me. Scream. Yell. Don’t reprint articles about gun control. Don’t cheapen your outrage. This is the social network. You, and you, and you. Are you good men and women? Truly? Think about it. Because, if the answer is yes, then you must decide how you can do the opposite of nothing. And maybe it has to be violent. Creationists blow up abortion clinics, why don’t we blow up gun stores? Churches protest funerals, why don’t we protest the churches on Sunday, or Christmas morning?

I don’t fucking believe in creative, passive, nonviolence. The time for that has passed. If a Tea Party Congressperson praises some violent shit, then I say we shoot them in the face. If Palin says this, if Romney says that, then I say we exterminate their family with extreme prejudice.

I support terrorism. Against those who will harm America. Not a corporate America. Not the America of these elitist fucks. But our America. Yours and mine. I say we — you and I, my dear readers — stand against these people and save our country. And if blood must be split… Well. So be it. This is a fight for freedom. Don’t mistake it for something else. This is war. This is the mission of the Great Society. Rise up.

Rise the fuck up.

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