Arthur C. Clark Likes Little Boys

True! I wouldn’t bring it up except that I subscribe to hundreds of somewhat similar blogs on Google Reader and, when Clark died the other day, it was a bit much. Everything was: OMG Clark be ded!

My friend used to be on Clark’s gardening staff in Sri Lanka and knew the old coot fairly well. In the way a gardener is always peering into your windows looking for valuables. What most Sri Lankans suspected, and what Clark’s staff all witnessed, was that he would often invite boys onto his compound. My friend witnessed many sexual encounters with children openly performed on the back patio.

The rules that we know and love in the US don’t really apply in Sri Lanka, and one of Clark’s many reasons for relocating to that troubled country was just that: To prey upon the children. A famous pedophile as far back as the 80’s, it’s amazed me that he’s escaped scorn and ridicule in the press. It’s much as if Jesus liked little boys, I think. You wouldn’t talk about that… You’d talk about all the Jesus stuff and ignore the pedophilia.

Still, though, thank god Jesus had a hankering for the girls. Because, that way, even the skeptics who don’t buy into the shine and glamor of the story can’t find fault in him. Yes, he hung out with a bunch of guys…but they were always surrounded by hot prozzies.

Clark didn’t hide it. He was raping little boys left and right and living the good life. The long, carefree, uber-rich good life.

Here, I’ll say it: Fuck you all for mourning him. Sure, he pioneered this and that. Hitler pioneered the highway and affordable automobiles. If the “blogosphere” was around in 1945, would there have been a ton of articles mourning his death? Oh! How vital he was! The great things he did!

Wake up, people.

If it bleeds, it leads, right? And some ancient sci-fi author doesn’t bleed or lead. Debra Lafave. Man, she leads. And, I imagine, bleeds periodically. The media’s all over her. And, to be honest, if I were a young boy getting raped, I’d rather she do it than Arthur C. Clark.

America has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to rape and abuse. We don’t like to talk about it unless it’s really glitzy. Sure, the Muslim fundamentalists stone the rape victims and let the rapists go but, at least, there’s some twisted acknowledgment that foul shit went down. Americans won’t even bother stoning the rape victim, unless they make enough of a fuss to start costing people money. You should just shut up and roll with the punches. The mere fact that “date” rape even exists is sickening. Rape is rape is rape. There’s no way to qualify it. I don’t care if you know the person. Is there such a thing as Date Murder? Date Car Jacking?

Okay, now I’m kind of pissy and I’m going to go sit in the corner and drink. Open the pod bay doors, Hal, and let the boy scouts come and crawl all over me.

Consider this a public service announcement.

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